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Tristanus's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 205 (From 48 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,210 Points

Spike: A Love Story Too

Afternoon Unlocked 4/22/13
5 Points
You're over the hump!
Morning Unlocked 4/22/13
5 Points
You made it through the morning shift!
Rebound Unlocked 4/22/13
5 Points
You've learned the fine art of the rebound. Or just got lucky.
Survived Five Unlocked 4/23/13
5 Points
You've survived through 5 mascots. OK.
Six Pointer Unlocked 4/22/13
10 Points
You got your first 6 point hit! We're so proud!
Ten Down Unlocked 4/23/13
10 Points
You're getting up there!
Keep on Smashing Unlocked 4/23/13
25 Points
You smashed 50 guys in one game sitting! That's a lot!
End of the Day 10 Points You made it! Now time for be-ew-ti-ful dreams.
Don't Talk to the Monsters 25 Points Perfect in the monster challenge
Dummy Challenge 50 Points You got mad points with little to work with!
Security is Nice 50 Points You completed employment mode with 100% security!
Twenty is Plenty 50 Points You survived 20 psychotic mascots! You're a spiking GOD.

Medals Earned: 7/12 (65/250 points)

Tequila Zombies 2

The Quick and the Dead Unlocked 6/28/13
25 Points
Perform Massacre 50 Kills combo
Bullet in the Head 10 Points Perform 200 headshots
Death Proof 10 Points Restore 1000 HP in one game
Desperado 10 Points Survive 1 minute with HP below 30%
Drunken Master 10 Points Collect 200 bottles of Tequila
Fascinating 10 Points Kill 10 zombie Spocks
Machete Kills 10 Points Kill 150 zombies with Machete/Tonfa
Natural Born Killer 10 Points Kill 643 zombies
Red Hot Chili Pepper 10 Points Collect 100 Chili Peppers
Reservoir Dogs 10 Points Kill 200 zombie dogs
Titty Twister 10 Points Kill 300 bad zombie girls
Vulture Culture 10 Points Kill 50 bonus vultures
Chainsaw Massacre 25 Points Kill 666 zombies with Chainsaw
El Mariachi 25 Points Kill 100 zombies with Rocket Guitar
I, Robot 25 Points Kill the 2nd boss
RIP Red Barclay 25 Points Kill the 1st boss
Con Gusano 50 Points Kill the 3rd boss
Lord of War 50 Points Purchase all the weapons and armors
Texas Blood Money 50 Points Collect $300.000
rockydennis 100 Points Kill 65 bosses and/or mini-bosses

Medals Earned: 1/20 (25/485 points)

The Interview Codex

Knowledge Peeker Unlocked 4/14/13
5 Points
Visit the codex for the first time.
DEAD! 5 Points there all dead
EDD's 5 Points World
Hans off! 5 Points Can't touch this.
HE WOBBLES... 5 Points but he doesn't fall down
KFC 5 Points who you call'n chicken?
Knowledge Creeper 5 Points Visit the codex 10 times.
Knowledge Seeker 5 Points Visit the codex 50 times.
Mariachi Mang 5 Points ¿Dónde está mi cerveza
only $5 each 5 Points there you go... good bye!
orsppA 5 Points ???
Paradox 5 Points Who will interview the interviewmen?
PLEASE HELP! 5 Points The shade man has locked me in his basment, i am a 16 year old girl. The shade man wips me all day, send help, call the cops... I can get free. My balls are really sore. He is sick. I don't know how much longer I can go on.
Psycho? 5 Points maybe.
Secret pixel hand shake. 5 Points ...
Sexual Decapoda 5 Points Nephropidae
Supa Sumba Pawdy. 5 Points Cake and apple pie.
The bees Justin... 5 Points Why wount me baby drink his milk Justin?
This is madness! 5 Points Yes it is.
to mod, or not to mod? 5 Points that is the ummmm somthing...
YEAH... 5 Points I'm almost done.
FUL of P 10 Points hhhmmmmm.
Knowledge Keeper 10 Points Visit the codex 100 times.
THE KING OF THE PORTAL! 10 Points He will always be to me...

Medals Earned: 1/25 (5/140 points)

Tiny Evolution Adventure

Like a Fish out of Water Unlocked 6/17/13
10 Points
Finish the Tadpole stage!
Evolutionary Work 5 Points Check the Credits Page!
What a Buggy Game 25 Points Clear the Lizard stage!
Flying Fast Food 50 Points Clear the Dinosaur stage!
Top of the Food Chain 100 Points Clear the game!

Medals Earned: 1/5 (10/190 points)

Toilet Success!

Holding Strong Unlocked 10/13/13
10 Points
Finishing Level 5
Success 25 Points Finishing Level 10
Toiletastic 50 Points Finishing Level 15
Pooptastic 100 Points Finishing the entire game

Medals Earned: 1/4 (10/185 points)

Twizz'ed Firefarta

No Jumping Unlocked 10/17/13
5 Points
you can read. can you?
Too Much Gas Unlocked 10/17/13
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Ranger Badge 5 Points met an elephant.
Fire Farta 10 Points (twizz'ed fire farta)
Half A Starman 25 Points 1/2 of all stars collected.
Secret Elephant 50 Points found and touched the secret elephant!
Garlic Mode 100 Points Unlimited Gas!!1
Starman 100 Points all stars collected.
Extinguished Earth Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Hello Cactus Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/10 (10/500 points)

Witch Hunt

Arcanist Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Get all Arcane Spells
Arcanoob Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
Get your first Arcane Spell
Chill! Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Freeze 500 enemies
Cold Gravity Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
Look, up in the sky!
Crispy! Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Burn 500 enemies
Defeated King Gobu Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
Defeated the Bonelord Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Bag o' bones
Deflect Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
Destroy 100 enemy projectiles
Executioner! Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
Kill 100 enemies
First Blood! Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
You killed Gobu! You bastard!
Have 1,000 Gold Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
in cold cash
Have 100 Gold Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
in cold cash.
Interception! Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Destroy 500 enemy projectiles
King Slayer! Unlocked 1/19/15
5 Points
Defeat king Gobu with no damage to the crystal
Rune Master Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Upgrade all your runes
Sapiosexual Unlocked 3/4/15
5 Points
Get all of Lucrea's skills
Stunning! Unlocked 1/20/15
5 Points
Stun 500 enemies
Slaughterer! Unlocked 1/20/15
10 Points
Slay a thousand
Have 10,000 Gold 10 Points in cold cash
I need a bigger closet! 10 Points Defeat Bonelord with no damage to the crystal
Talzarus the Azure 10 Points Finish the game
Dragon Slayer! 25 Points Kill a hundred dragons
Have 100,000 Gold 25 Points in cold cash
Rekt Greedling! 25 Points Defeat the greedling with no damage to the crystal
Have One Million Gold 50 Points in cold seven digits
Rune God 50 Points Oh my god... You broke the game.
Vanquisher! 50 Points Slay 10k
Trophy Collector 100 Points This makes you awesome.
Break it down! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
It's a trap! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 18/30 (95/500 points)

Zombies vs Penguins 3

First Blood Unlocked 4/12/15
5 Points
Kill your first zombie
Crush on You 10 Points Crush a zombie
Daybreak 10 Points Beat all Daybreak levels
Head Lover 10 Points Get 100 headshots
Help is Good 10 Points Check out the walkthrough
I Hate Zombies 10 Points Kill 100 zombies
Indie Giving 10 Points Visit More Games
Smasher 10 Points Destroy 20 blocks
Above Normal 25 Points Get 91 or more stars
Bouncer 25 Points Bounce a bullet 20 times without hitting a Zombie
Bullet Saver 25 Points Kill a Wares Zombie with the same bullet
Detonator 25 Points Ignite 20 explosions
Extremist 25 Points Beat all regular levels with 3 stars
Midnightmare 25 Points Beat all Midnight levels
MultiKill 25 Points Kill 9 or more enemies with one bullet
Quick Reflexes 25 Points Kill a Burrowing Zombie before it hides
Wikimaster 25 Points Unlock all zombies in the Zombie Wiki
Annihilator 50 Points Kill 500 zombies
Completionist 50 Points Beat all bonus levels with 3 stars
Dawn of the Unheard 50 Points Beat all Dawn levels
Dusk to Dust 50 Points Beat all Dusk levels

Medals Earned: 1/21 (5/500 points)


First Flight Unlocked 6/28/13
5 Points
Beat Room 5
Dead End 25 Points Get the bad ending
Expertly Done 1 25 Points Complete Expert Room 1
Expertly Done 2 25 Points Complete Expert Room 2
Living End 50 Points Get the good ending
Time Trophy 100 Points Beat Time Trial Run in under 4 minutes
Wit of Citrus 100 Points Obtain all 19 grapefruits

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/330 points)